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Please see below for descriptions. For some colors we have also added what we think goes exceptionally well with that color (listed in no order), although this is not to say that other colors wonít match it. Colors are listed in alphabetical order.



Beige is a very creamy, off white beige. Itís much darker than an antique white, but much lighter than our light brown.

Looks Nice With: Black, Dark Brown, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Pumpkin Spice



A true black.

Looks Nice With: Beige, Light Brown, White, Warm Gray



Blue is our true blue, and falls inbetween the middle compared to all other blues.



Our darkest red. darker than "dark red". Maroon.

Looks Nice With: Dark Brown, Light Brown, Beige, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Signal Yellow, Warm Gray.


Carnation Pink

A very light, pale pink. Many customers refer to this as a ďbaby pinkĒ.

Looks Nice With: Powder Blue, Lilac, other Pinks,


Copper Metallic

Description: A true copper color with a little bit of shine due to the metallic components of the color.  

Looks Nice With: Dark Brown



A neutral light green. Think Spring!

Looks Nice With: Dark Brown, other light shades


Dark Brown

Our darkest brown, referred to often as Espresso. In a room with average lighting, it will appear dark brown. In a room with minimal lighting it may appear black.

Looks Nice With: Beige, Light Brown, Celadon, Olive, Copper, Gold

Dark Green

Our Darkest Green


Dark Grey

Our Darkest Grey. In a room with average lightning, you can easily tell its dark grey. In a room with very poor lightning, it may appear almost black.

Looks Nice With: Warm Gray, Maize, Mint


Dark Red

By itself, you may think itís just a red. But compared to our regular Red, which is a true vibrant red, the darker red does appear darker and less vibrant then Red. If itís for a playroom, Iíd say choose Red. If itís anywhere else in your home, you may want to consider Dark Red.


Gentian Blue

A darker version than Royal Blue. Itís nice when you want something darker than Blue, but not a full on Navy.


Geyser Blue

Like an aqua blue color. A tad lighter than Tiffany Blue. Comparable to Robinís Egg Blue.


Gold Metallic

A darker gold, not really yellow. Same darkness as copper, just gold instead of copper!


Golden Yellow

Not gold, but a very bright, almost orange-like color. Simliar to the McDonalds M, we use this color for the beaks and feet for our owl decals.



A pretty true green. Maybe a tad on the darker end, but overall you would look at this and think green.



Our middle grey. A tad on the darker end, but still predominately a middle grey color.


Key Lime

Very light, very bright lime green color.

Looks Nice With: Dark Grey, Warm Grey, other light colors



A bit lighter than our Violet. Perhaps a faded version of a true purple.

Looks Nice With: Geyser Blue, Olive, Maize



A bright, light yellow. The name of this color describes it well.  


Light Blue

A good choice when you want something a little lighter than blue, but not as light as geyser blue or powder blue.


Light Brown

Very light, pale pink.

Looks Nice With: Dark Brown, Black, Navy Blue, Burgundy, Dark Green, Olive


Light Grey

A very, very light grey. In a room with adequate to significant lightning, it may even appear white. This is a good choice if you want a color similar to white, but not as stark.



A very light purple color. When sitting beside our Violet and Lavender, the lilac looks like it almost has a pink hue to it. But sitting beside the pinks it looks very purple.  

Looks Nice With: Maize, Carnation Pink, Celadon


Lime-Tree Green

A bright, vibrant green. We use this color most often for leaves in our kids room branch decals.

Looks Nice With: Dark Brown, other vibrant colors



Our lightest yellow, I would also call it Pastel Yellow.

Looks Nice With: Pumpkin Spice, Celadon, Lavender, All Grays, other pale light colors



Another name for this could be seafoam green. Our lightest offering in the blue/green family.

Looks Nice With: Dark Grey


Navy Blue

The Darkest blue we offer. Itís clearly a dark navy blue, and not black. In a room with adequate lightning it should still appear dark blue.  

Looks Nice With: Light Brown, Light Blue, Powder Blue, White, Beige



A lighter, neutral green with more color to it than Celadon. Letís say youíre applying a dark brown branch and want green leaves to match. If itís in a family room weíd suggest Olive. If itís in a kidís room weíd suggest lime-tree green.

Complementary Colors: Olive, Dark Gray



This color is brighter and more saturated than a real orange! Another name would be Hunter Orange. Or ďIn Your FaceĒ Orange. Yeah, itís pretty orange. For a lighter option, choose Persimmon. Oh look, our next color description isÖ



A lighter orange, and not as vibrant. Think Spring with this one.

Looks Nice With: Celadon, Maize, Lavender, Geyser Blue, Dark Gray



Another name for this would be Hot Pink.


Powder Blue

Our lightest of blues. Pastel like blue, but very light. Think the color white, but with a light blue hue. Itís pretty light!


Pumpkin Spice

Other names would be Burnt Orange, Texas Orange.

Looks Nice With: Dark Brown, Beige


A very true red. Our Dark Red is just a tad darker than Red and is a little more subtle.


Silver Metallic

Itís close to our regular Grey, but has a silver shine color to it due to the metallic component of it. An excellent choice for business hours decals or shadowboxes.


Signal Yellow

By itself, you would probably just call it Yellow. But compared to our other yellows, itís a tad more calm.


Soft Pink

Our middle pink. A good choice when you donít want hot pink, but donít want our light carnation pink.


Itís a true teal. We donít feel the  need to elaborate on this one. Yay!


A dark turquoise. In a room with poor lightning it could appear Teal. For a lighter choice, choose Geyser Blue or Mint.


Our darkest purple. By itself you would probably just call it Purple.

Warm Grey

A really light grey, but with a warm hue to it. Itís hard to tell the difference between our Warm Grey and Light Grey, even when they are sitting beside each other, but with good lightning you will notice the warm gray is just the slightest bit warmer than the light grey. Room has warm tones or a griege (grey/beige) them going on? Use Warm grey. If it has a cool theme going on (silver, light greys) use light grey. Also an excellent choice for shadowbox applications.

Looks Nice With: Maize, most other colors



A pure white. I would say that itís about 93% opaque. So if youíre applying it on a black wall, it may appear light gray in a well lit room. In most other applications though it will appear true white. For a not as stark option, choose light grey.